Winter is Coming--Prep Your Home!

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Winter is Coming! Here are some ways to winterize your Elite home and even save some on your monthly bills.

  • Turn off outdoor taps to prevent your pipes from freezing during those New England storms. Use pipe insulation on indoor pipes, and let faucets run at a trickle if the temps plummet.
  • Tend to your gutters to get them cleaned out and prepared for snowy days and ice storms.
  • Seal up any holes to keep out unwanted critters, and halt drafts with weatherstripping.
  • Consider installing storm doors and windows that will prevent cold air from entering your home or heat from escaping it, which will reduce your power bills!
  • Check your fireplace for any “visitors” and tend to any creosote build-up. Schedule a chimney sweep before first use, and vacuum and sweep out ash from the firebox. Don’t forget to either order or chop firewood to stay stocked up.
  • Switch out summer window treatments for heavier drapery that will keep rooms cozy while also blocking out drafts!
  • Have your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors checked/tested.
  • Have your heating system tested/checked and update if necessary!
  • Purchase a programmable thermostat if you don't already have one, so you can easily schedule the heat to increase or decrease as desired.
  • Bring plants inside and store them in a sunny part of the house/greenhouse.
  • Store the grill and furniture in the garage or shed if possible to minimize exposure to the elements.
  • Call your local power company to see if they conduct energy saving assessments so you’ll know where you can become more efficient in your home and ultimately save money each month.
  • Stock up on stormy weather supplies, such as ice scrapers, snow shovels, and flashlights (and batteries!). And don’t forget to restock pantry/food items that don’t need to be kept cold, as well as extra food for your furry family members!
  • A generator is also a great idea if that's an option for your home!

While we all love living in New England, we also know how unpredictable winters here can get. By having a handy checklist such as this one, you will feel much more prepared and confident to take on whatever wild weather comes your way this season!

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