What are Your Fall Goals?

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Fall is finally here, and with it a renewed motivation to get creative and seasonal in your Elite home! What are your goals? We’ve got some in mind!

Revive your kitchen: add some autumnal touches to your kitchen by painting an orange or red accent wall. Invest in a new gadget or tool, such as a new set of knives, an Instant Pot, or an espresso machine. Begin stocking your wine fridge or cabinet with vibrant reds that will keep you warm during the chilly months.

Add warmth to your master bath: create a spa-like environment in your bathroom for the fall and winter. Invest in a heated towel rack to keep you cozy after a shower or bath. Add some new lighting and artwork to change up the vibe. Set up an essential oil diffuser to disperse autumnal scents such as rosemary, sage, and myrrh.

Spruce up your study: Is your home office feeling lackluster? Do you need more motivation when you work from home? Add an accent while to keep your thoughts and creativity flowing. Organize your desk and streamline your electronics stations. Add a new standing lamp to brighten your workspace. 

Pamper your pet: Set up a comfy, cozy pet station for your dog or cat to chill out in. Set up a bed with their favorite toys, blankets, and treats so they can hang out and relax in their own little sanctuary.

Autumnal table and mantle arrangements: Bring nature into your home this fall by getting creative with gourds, flowers, pinecones, and leaves. Create a beautiful, natural tabletop arrangement with wooden bowls and items you selected from farm stands or whilst walking in the woods. 

What will you do this fall?

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