Stay Toasty Warm this Winter!

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Are you looking for the ideal heat source to keep your Elite home comfortable this winter? Beat the frigid temps with a fireplace! And with several great options, there’s a fireplace to suit nearly every home.

Gather ‘Round the Crackling Fireplace: In the dead of winter, there’s no better way to warm up than gathering around a roaring fire with family and friends. Think of some of your fondest memories spent around a traditional fireplace, complete with crackling logs, firelight, and that smell of wood. Wood-burning fireplaces are also eco-friendly, less expensive than other heating options, and offer heat even during power outages. You can also cook over a fire, especially if/when your lights do go out. And of course, fireplaces set a cozy mood, perfect for making memories, roasting marshmallows, or having fireside chats!

Warm Up to a Gas Fireplace: If  you haven’t the time or the inclination to cut, haul, and stack wood on a regular basis, consider installing a gas fireplace. It offers a constant supply of heat, no sparks involved, and you can actually save up to 25% on your energy bill. It’s also easier to work and is safer, especially if you have young  kids or pets in the house. There’s also no odor and you won’t need to worry about keeping a chimney clean! And nowadays, most gas fireplaces offer remotes so anyone in the household can control the heat from any room.

Set an Electric Fireplace Aglow: Electric fireplaces have become more popular over the years, in homes, hotel rooms, and even retail/restaurant spaces.  To start, they do not give off fumes--no overwhelming smoke or gas odors--and are quite low-maintenance, as they do not need logs or gas to fire up! Electric fireplaces are inexpensive to install, energy efficient, and last for many years. There are also so many different styles, from traditional with a mantel to sleek and modern. They are also safe, offering automatic shut-off options and a cool-to-the-touch surface.

Or, if a fireplace isn’t to your taste, or you need to make sure your home is temperature controlled while out of the house, you might consider preparing your home for a generator, whether the entire house or for major appliances and heat. It’s always good to have a backup source of heat, especially with the unpredictable winters in New England! Portable generators for the home come in solar/battery powered or gas.

If you are looking for comfort, warmth, and some of the best ways to heat your home this winter, look no further than these fantastic fireplace (and generator) options!

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