Create the Perfect Pantry!

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Pantries have become even more of a necessity--again!--in recent years, as they help you stay organized, keep your home well-stocked with staples, and store any "overflow" from your kitchen cabinets! Whether you have a dedicated room for a pantry or want to convert a closet or other under-used space, there are so many options.

Upgrade your kitchen with a spacious, well-organized, and attractive pantry!

An Elite kitchen is spacious enough to accommodate any type of pantry you prefer, from a traditional butler’s pantry to a more modern, streamlined design. Get creative with your pantry, and make it a space you’ll look forward to relying upon daily.

Traditional Butler’s Pantry

A “butler’s pantry” is an old-fashioned style of pantry that butlers and servants relied upon to maintain order in a household and easily serve the family. Re-create one in your own home to keep your family organized and as efficient as possible.

  • Shelves are essential, and installing shelves of varying sizes will accommodate for plates, bowls, and glasses of different sizes and shapes.
  • Drawers with dividers for storing silverware are a must. Keep an everyday set in one drawer, and store and protect your best set for special occasions.
  • Cupboards with glass doors are perfect for containing and displaying wine glasses, barware, and that special set of antique crystal.
  • A small work sink with garbage disposal in your butler’s pantry will make prep work and clean-up quick and convenient, and limit the clutter in your kitchen.

Built-In Pantry with Wine Storage

A pantry built into the wall with deep drawers, ample shelf space, and double doors that swing outward to reveal more nooks, drawers, and shelving can help you be super efficient and maximize your space.

  • Add small baskets and jars to each shelf to stay neatly organized, or simply label each shelf and row so you are aware of everything you’ve stored, and can replace items with ease in the future.
  • Pull-out, rolling shelves with dividers also maximize space and make items easy to find. These are ideal for canned goods, mixing bowls, or cleaning supplies.
  • A built-in wine rack or “wine cubbies” above the doors make it a cinch to safely store wine and grab a bottle when needed.

Closet Pantry with Pocket Door

Converting a spacious closet--whether in your kitchen or the hallway--to a pantry is an easy and convenient way to create plenty of extra storage and keep your main kitchen space free of chaos.

  • Maintain an orderly system with shelves, canisters and baskets. Put items you use regularly--such as spices, pasta, and baking ingredients--at eye level so you can grab them and go.
  • Low hooks for dish towels and aprons are a must, and a small hamper for soiled linens makes keeping things tidy even easier.
  • Vertical shelves are ideal for storing cutting boards and baking sheets of varying sizes and shape.
  • A pocket door streamlines the set-up even more and will make your pantry a “hidden gem” rather than a focal point.

Even if you have a large kitchen with plenty of cupboard and counter space, a pantry will truly elevate your daily kitchen experience and bring you to new heights of order and efficiency! The design and set-up of a pantry depends on your taste and everyday requirements, as there are many ways to approach this handy-dandy little room. Keep it streamlined, organized, and functional, and use the space to its fullest potential. When you can see what you have in stock, it's also easier to weed out what has expired or is no longer serving you!

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