Mudrooms: Ideal for Everyday Organization!

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Now more than ever, mudrooms are in demand to help keep homes clean, tidy, and organized and to store coats, kids’ sports gear and toys, footwear, dog accessories, and winter gear. And there are so many options for keeping your belongings in their proper places, including cubbies, baskets, shelving systems, and closets. Plenty of coat hooks--both low for kids and higher for adults--are essential for storing outerwear and for hanging dog leashes, bike helmets, and laptop/book bags. And remember, mudrooms can be as attractive, bright, and welcoming as they are utilitarian, no matter what the size!

Wrangle Your Kids’ Odds & Ends

  • Mudrooms are perfect for families with kids--and all of the school accessories, sports gear, and toys that go along with them. Knowing that everything is organized and in one place reduces daily hassles!
  • Keep them organized and tidy with cubbies for shoes, books, and toys, and low hooks for coats, school bags, hats, and helmets.
  • Benches are perfect for kids when it comes to putting on and removing shoes and boots. Also, if you have a storage bench, clothing and accessories can be conveniently tucked away.

Mindfully Multi-Purposed Mudroom--with Laundry Features!

  • A mudroom can even function as a laundry room, complete with washer and dryer, hampers, and ironing station.
  • If you have the space, built-in cubbies, shelving, and cupboards  keep laundry supplies and dirty clothes organized and out of sight. Even a few cubbies/shelves will make a huge difference.
  • A small storage closet is perfect for hanging clothing and storing hampers.
  • A utility sink is another great feature, giving you the chance to rinse out heavily soiled clothing before putting them into the washing machine, or for hand-washing delicates. You can even wash petite pets!

Small Yet Substantial

  • Even a small, hallway mudroom space can help you organize your family’s gear.
  • Use trays to organize and contain footwear and cut down on sand and snow collecting on the floor in winter.
  • Stylish and functional hall trees also work for hanging coats, bags, and storing hats and gloves.

Consider Your Flooring Options

  • Tile and natural stone are ideal flooring options for your mudroom, as both are attractive, easy to maintain, and easy to clean up after muddy footprints and pawprints!
  • Brick is also a great option for a mudroom. It’s durable, attractive, and low-maintenance. You can also choose styles of brick to suit your taste and needs, and lay them out in unique or classic patterns, such as herringbone or basketweave.
  • Wood has always been a great option for high-traffic zones, as it is attractive and holds up well against wear, especially if you choose a reclaimed or hardwood type.
  • And you can always scatter sturdy, waterproof rugs and mats, to help cut back on puddles, footprints, and water stains!

Mudrooms have become essential to keep the “main” part of houses clean and clutter-free. Because a mudroom’s sole purpose is to contain the “extras” that would otherwise clutter your home--not to mention dirt, mud, and snow--they are truly invaluable, no matter how big or small your household is. That said, just because mudrooms are functional spaces, doesn’t mean they can’t still be welcoming, warm, bright, and attractive. Have fun designing your mudroom, and make it a space you enjoy coming home to!

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