Maximize Your Master Bedroom!

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Spacious, functional, and elegant master bedrooms are in high demand, and masters aren’t just for sleeping anymore. People want a sizable master bedroom that includes plenty of natural light, a peaceful ambience, a modern bathroom, and a cozy sitting/reading space or dedicated office space for the days when you need to work from home.

Turn your master bedroom into a beautiful, multi-functional focal point!

Buyers also want a master that is set apart from the other rooms in the house, ensuring privacy, peacefulness, and great resale value.

Spacious Masters with Style & Functionality

Elite’s master bedrooms allow room for creative design and delightful details. We know how essential and in-demand a functional and peaceful (yet luxurious!) master bedroom is to homeowners, so we take that into consideration when designing and building our homes.

  • Lighting in the master is essential. From natural light streaming in through large windows to chandeliers that can be dimmed and table lamps that provide the perfect, gentle light to read by.
  • Window treatments are also important, for both allowing light to enter during the day, and sufficiently blocking out the moon and street lamps at night to promote a restful night’s sleep. Consider plantation blinds, roller shades, or traditional blinds, all of which both allow in and block out light, and are easy to clean.
  • Get creative with furniture--whether your taste is more modern and clean-lined, or tends toward a vintage feel, add functional yet eye-catching bureaus, ottomans, and chairs. Think of textures and fabrics that will add to the overall style and feel of your space, and that will also wear well over time.

Create a Work Space in the Master

Nowadays, more and more people are working from home at least a few days a week; therefore, the in-bedroom office has become very desirable. It can be as functional as it is stylish, and you can prevent your work from drifting around and cluttering up the entire bedroom! Elite masters allow for many bedroom office options.

  • If you’d like to tuck your office away, consider building a desk into a spacious closet and simply remove the door. Add built-in shelving and cabinets to contain important paperwork, folders, electronics, and accessories.
  • Recessed shelves also work, if you plan to incorporate the office into the main part of the bedroom. Keep technology organized and under control by hiding cords and chargers via a desk grommet, which feeds the cords through a hole in the cabinetry.
  • Make sure your home office chair is as ergonomically correct and comfy as your company office. Add homey touches like a loveseat with decorative pillows and a chair if you have clients stop by.
  • Add touches and details that keep you focused and balanced, such as a sound system with soothing music and your favorite artwork and photos on the walls.

Create a Cozy Sitting/Reading Nook

Who doesn’t love a dedicated reading/sitting space in a master bedroom? It should be a spot that allows you to decompress and catch up on your favorite shows and literature.

  • Add a window seat for the perfect reading spot. This means you can enjoy the light and the view from your cozy perch, complete with comfy cushions and pillows. Add built in shelving within the window seat for a library feel.
  • If you are focusing more on a sitting area where you can invite friends and family in for tea, add the perfect chairs or chaises, whether they are overstuffed with soft, vibrantly colored fabric or covered in comfy, buttery leather. Add upholstered or leather footstools to elevate your feet at the end of a challenging day!
  • End tables or cabinets make perfect pieces for storing books, magazines, chargers, and for setting lamps. Get creative with design and accessories, and make it warm and welcoming--after all, it’s your personal sanctuary!

En Suite Supreme!

En suite bathrooms are essential in today’s homes, as owners want convenience, functionality, and great resale value. They also want ample countertop space and roomy drawers and cabinets for storage.

  • Your bathroom should reflect the style and sense of functionality that your master reflects. Ample counter space is a must, as are streamlined, easy to clean fixtures and flooring.
  • Spacious and functional showers and bathtubs are very desirable. Subway tile, marble, and engineered quartz are some of the most popular materials for shower walls, due to their durability and beauty.
  • Great lighting is key! Sconces, recessed lighting, and chandeliers can all work for a master bathroom. Whether you you prefer more modern, streamlined fixtures or a more rustic, reclaimed feel, there are plenty of great options.
  • A laundry station in the master bathroom is a great idea for many homeowners. A stackable washer and dryer set-up is ideal, as it is functional and saves space. Add simple shelves for storing detergent and laundry accessories.

Master bedrooms in Elite homes are spacious and luxurious. They are also flexible enough design-wise to be transformed into something that works perfectly for your lifestyle. Whether you want a cozy, peaceful escape or a functional bedroom that is flexible enough to serve as a work-live space, Elite can tailor a floorplan to suit your personal needs and style!

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