Kitchen Appliances & Gadgets to Make Life a Little Easier--and more Fun!

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Are you on the hunt for the hottest new kitchen appliances and gadgets? With so many trends, it can be hard to sort out what will make the most sense for your kitchen and lifestyle.

So Many Cooking Gadgets to Streamline Your Daily Life!

From upscale coffee makers to pressure cookers to sophisticated coffee makers, there are plenty of options to turn your kitchen into a functional yet cutting-edge environment!

Slow Cooker: Back in the ‘70s, crockpots were heavily used to whip up an ample amount of food with minimal effort! They have made a comeback in recent years, but with safer, more high-tech features. With many sizes, brands, and styles to choose from, you’ll be a diehard fan in no time. Make roasts, soups, veggie dishes, beans, casseroles, and more!

Instant Pot: If you’re a fan of quick-cooking methods, the Instant Pot is sure to suit your needs and lifestyle! When you get home from work, you can easily whip up dinner with ingredients on hand--and have it ready in 15 minutes or even less. Cook meat or poultry in a flash, make a pot of chili, or even create a cheesecake in no time flat. Talk about streamlining everyday life!

Toaster Ovens: Don’t feel like heating up the oven on a warm summer’s day? Cook a wide variety of meals right in your toaster oven without wasting as much electricity! Perfect for pizza, appetizers, reheating leftovers, and much more!

Combination Coffee Maker/Espresso Machine: While it might seem like a big investment upfront, if you are a regular coffee drinker and regularly entertain coffee drinkers, a combo coffee maker/espresso machine is totally worth it. And ultimately, you will save money on many trips per month to your local cafe! Whether you set up the coffee maker to brew your morning beverage or you’re brunching with friends and family on a Saturday and want to impress them with lattes, espressos, and cappuccinos, this machine is the perfect countertop addition.

Food Processor: Whether you choose a large or small version, food processors can save you tons of prep time and effort. Chop veggies quickly and easily, puree ingredients for soups and sauces, and whip up dips, pesto, and hummus in no time flat.

Electric Kettle: If you are a diehard tea drinker, but don’t necessarily have time to wait for a stovetop kettle to boil every time you want a fresh cup, the electric kettle is perfect for you. You can even use it for making instant oatmeal, boiling water for French press coffee, and even hard-boiling eggs! It’s fast, efficient, and easy to clean.

Waffle Iron: Waffle irons aren’t just for traditional breakfast waffles and syrup on Saturday mornings anymore. You can “waffle” just about anything, including falafel, mac & cheese, cheese sandwiches, banana bread, shredded zucchini, and more. Create unique snacks and meals for the family and your guests  in no time, with very little clean-up!

Countertop Wine Chillers: If you don’t have the need for a full-size wine cooler, consider a countertop model. These compact coolers are convenient and quiet, and you can still store up to 25 bottles at a time. No trekking to the cellar--just grab a chilled bottle any night of the week or for that impromptu dinner party.

Warming Drawer: Warming drawers have become de rigueur for home chefs and frequent entertainers. It can be discreetly tucked into a peninsula or a regular drawer beneath a countertop. Conveniently keep roasted veggies, casseroles, and appetizers warm before guests arrive. You can even use a warming drawer to proof bread dough.

Blender: Traditional blenders remain a must-have in your kitchen appliance arsenal. Whip up a protein shake for breakfast and take it to go. Blend sweet smoothies or decadent milkshakes for the kids on the weekend. Mix up batches of frozen margaritas for those summer parties on your spacious Elite patio. Whip up a flavorful gazpacho and other chilled soups on hot nights when you don’t feel like turning on the oven!

Air Fryer: If you want a healthier alternative to traditionally fried foods, look no further! The air fryer circulates very hot air around the food to cook and crisp it, using much less oil and creating a nice, light crunch and flavor. And it’s not just for the usual dishes like  fried chicken or french fries--you can also make sides, desserts, and even crispy tofu.

There are so many fun, functional, and time-saving kitchen appliances and gadgets nowadays, from the traditional to the high-tech. And because Elite kitchens are spacious, open, and offer ample counter space, you can build your collection without worrying about where to store each piece. Our vendors and entire Elite team can also help you customize your space and help you figure out which appliances will work best in your kitchen, not to mention, which will best suit your lifestyle! We can help you create the chef’s kitchen of your dreams today with all of these amazing tools,  appliances, and customized cupboard and counter options!

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