Creating a peaceful space in your home

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During stressful times, it always soothes the mind, body, and soul to have a peaceful spot in the home to retreat to. Whether for yoga, meditation, curling up with a book, or engaging in a creative pursuit, “Zen time” is incredibly restorative. Here are some ideas for creating peaceful “moments” in your Elite home.

  • Create a dedicated meditation space with a tabletop relaxation fountain, comfy cushions, and weighted blanket. Add your device of choice to play soothing music or guided meditations, along with candles and incense to get you the meditative spirit!
  • You don’t need a full-on yoga studio to deepen your practice--simply allocate a space in your bedroom, home office, or finished basement for your mat, yoga props, and any other accessories you might require for your sessions.
  • A reading nook is an inviting space for retreating from the stressors of life and losing yourself in the world of an addictive book. Whether you prefer an overstuffed chair, chaise-longue, or even a faux fur bean bag.
  • A “secret garden space” is the perfect spot to hide from the world! Curl up in a glider or stretch out in a hammock for a nap, long read, or outdoor movie-watching!
  • Create an arts and crafts space to paint, engage in art projects with the kiddos, or get started on those sewing and knitting projects. Set up a table and stock up on all the supplies you’ll need, then let the creative juices flow.

There are so many more ways to unwind/create in this challenging time, and Elite homes lend themselves perfectly to creating peaceful spots all over the house, both inside and out!

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