Create a Special Space in Your Elite Home!

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Have you always wanted a room in your home that speaks to your personality, interests, and style? Elite Builders’ homes lend themselves to creating special, eye-catching spaces, such as libraries, cozy bars, breakfast nooks, and even in-home movie theaters.

Create singular spaces in your home that are functional, beautiful, and reflect your personality and lifestyle!

Our homes make it possible to create truly unique, personal spaces and rooms that fit your lifestyle and aesthetic sensibilities. After all, unique spaces can be both functional and captivating for many years to come, both for your family and your guests.

Create the Library You’ve Always Wanted

Have you always dreamed of having a welcoming, light-filled library, right in your own home? A place to cozy up with many good books or host your book club--no library card needed!

  • With Elite’s generous floor plans, you can create a quiet, dedicated library in just about any room in your house, complete with built-in shelves, snug window seats, and plenty of oversized armchairs!
  • Built-in shelves offer functional beauty for storing and displaying your large collection of books. Or go dramatic with rolling ladders so that you can easily access those books that are stacked higher.
  • Set up a cozy corner with an overstuffed chaise or comfortable chairs and an ottoman, reading lamps, and small tables for setting beverages, snacks, and reading glasses!

Cozy, Sun-Filled Breakfast Nooks

Do you long for lingering, cozy breakfasts on Sunday mornings with the family? Or perhaps you’re entertaining house guests and want to impress them with a beautiful brunch in a open, breezy space.

  • Create a breakfast nook that is filled with light, including large windows, a skylight, and french doors that open out onto a sun-filled patio.
  • Find a large, sturdy yet beautiful table that can accommodate plenty of visitors--and food! Whether you prefer a farmhouse table or a more modern, streamlined one, there is plenty of space and there are innumerable options.

Comfortable chairs are essential when you want family and friends to linger longer.  Whether you go with a bistro chair, elegant (and cushioned!) Swedish side chair, or a more a more minimalist metal chair, consider what will be both functional and comfortable.

Gather at the Bar… Just Down the Hallway!

Are you a connoisseur of cocktails? A wine aficionado, a bourbon authority, or a beer expert? Then it’s time to build out the bar you’ve always wanted, right in your own home. Whether it’s incorporated into the kitchen, dining room, or living room, there is ample space with our layouts for happy hour at home.

  • Whether you prefer warm, dark, old-style bars with plenty of wood and leather, or brighter, a more hip and modern set-up with glass and chrome. Set up barstools and settle in for cozy chats over quaffable beverages and savory snacks.
  • Install a wine fridge to chill your favorite whites and roses! Create plenty of shelf space for storing important bottles for future celebrations or everyday get-togethers at happy hour.
  • Set a relaxing mood with lamps, chandeliers, or pendant lights, depending on your style and taste! It’s all about ambience, comfort, and great lighting.

Theater Seating--In Your Finished Basement

Why bother waiting in lines at the movie theater or paying ridiculous prices for tickets? With a beautifully finished Elite basement, you can create the home movie theater you’ve always dreamed of.

  • Install cushiony, reclining movie theater style chairs for hours of movie marathons with family and friends. Make sure they contain beverage and snack holders!
  • Stock up a fridge with food and beverages and build out a snack bar to display your treats. Add a wine and beer bar or fridge for the adults, and a beverage machine for the kids!
  • Invest in a high quality home theater projector and surround sound system for that quintessential movie theater experience. With amazing sound quality and visuals, you’ll think you’re in a luxury movie theater!

Elite homes can accommodate any special or creative room, nook, or space you choose to create. Personalize your home with beautiful, stand-out spaces that suit your lifestyle and make a memorable impression on guests. Inspire others with your personalized spaces in your Elite home!

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