Cozy Up Your Home for Fall & Winter!

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Looking for ways to cozy up your Elite home this fall and winter? When the temperature drops, warm up your surroundings with comfy--and beautiful--touches and accessories!

Warm up your bedding: When the nights turn cooler, you’ll need to plenty of cozy sheets and blankets to keep you warm all night long.  Consider investing in a high quality set of silk or flannel sheets, or even bamboo. Bamboo sheets are antimicrobial, softer than cotton and sustainable. Add a cozy down or down alternative comforter, or perhaps a cheerful vintage quilt. To make your bed even more inviting, add soft, fluffy pillows in either soothing or vibrant colors.

Lighting is everything: When the days get shorter and the temperature drops, setting a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home is essential. Candlelight is always warmly beautiful for dinner parties or a quiet night with the family at the dinner table. Torchieres illuminate a sitting room and are wonderful lights to read by. LED string lights add a festive touch--decorate a mantle, windows, or your four-season porch. LED floor lamps are also warmly lovely, inviting folks to curl up with a good book and a glass of wine! Pendant lights are ideal for the kitchen, and beautiful and brighten any island workspace or sitting area.

Rugs, rugs, rugs: Cooler days mean you’ll crave nice, plush rugs to walk on and sprawl out on. Fuzzy sheepskin rugs are great for kids to lounge on while reading or watching TV. Choose cheerfully colorful wool scatter rugs to disperse throughout the house. Add cozy rugs to your bedside to keep your feet toasty as soon as you rise in the morning!

Create a Nook: Find a cozy corner in your home that will make a warm and inviting reading nook. Arrange a welcoming, overstuffed ottoman or upholstered chair with plenty of fluffy pillows and a throw blanket or small quilt. Position a bookshelf or bookcase nearby so you can easily grab your favorite books. Add a table with a lamp, as well as woven basket filled with extra blankets and other warm accessories.

Change up Your Wall Colors: When the sun sets earlier in the winter, it’s easy to feel blah and “stuck” inside. To enliven your surroundings and add some energy to your wintery world, change up your wall colors. Choose vibrant yellows, oranges, or reds for the kitchen. Add an accent wall in the living room. Hang cheerful wallpaper in the breakfast nook. There are so many ways to warm up your walls!

Switch out your window treatments: To keep your heating bills down and add both color and beauty, switch out your summery window coverings for thicker, more sumptuous drapes. To cheer up the room, think bold, bright patterns or rich,  solid colors. For a more muted, relaxing effect, go with neutrals or classic patterns. Drapes are not only attractive, but will literally warm up any room in the house!

Other accessories to adorn any room:

  • A fabric-covered pouf/ottoman
  • Floral wall art to remind you of bygone summer days and inspire warmth
  • Wall vessels to contain/display plants
  • An essential oil diffuser

With a wide array of ways to cozy up your home in the colder months, get creative! Make your Elite home warm, inviting, and the place to be this fall and winter.

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