Bathrooms to Suit Every Lifestyle

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Generously-sized, functional, and stylish bathrooms are in demand these days, especially for families with children, for those who entertain frequently, and for those who host long-term guests.

Bathrooms are not just utilitarian anymore--they can also be luxurious, inviting, and the perfect rejuvenation space!

Elite’s generous/spacious layouts and modern bathrooms offer a variety of options, from a marvelous master to a kids’ bath time haven to an extended-stay guest bathroom. Whether your goal is remaining tidy and organized or you fancy an in-home spa set-up, our bathrooms can accommodate any need and taste

Master Bathroom as Both Inner Sanctum & Functional Space

Elite master bathrooms are truly a thing of both unique beauty and streamlined functionality--not to mention, perfect for people who appreciate plenty of space. Our flexible layouts offer many options in terms of set-up and style. En suite bathrooms are essential in today’s homes, as owners want convenience, practicality, and great resale value.

  • Spacious showers and bathtubs are very desirable. Streamlined subway tile, granite, and engineered quartz are some of the most popular materials for shower walls. Luxurious soaking tubs offer that spa feel!
  • Great lighting is key: Sconces, recessed lighting, and chandeliers can all work for a master bathroom. Whether you you prefer more modern, streamlined fixtures or a more rustic, reclaimed feel, there are plenty of great options.
  • Plenty of countertop space and roomy drawers and cabinets are essential for staying organized.

Kid-Friendly Bathrooms

Nowadays, more people want dedicated kids’ bathrooms that are high on functionality and storage space and low on maintenance. Think about making it fun for for kids, but maintain a sense of neutral appeal for future buyers.

  • Sufficient storage space to contain kids’ bath toys, towels, and other tub accessories are a must!
  • A double-duty bathroom with two sinks gives siblings room to move, so getting ready in the morning is a breeze.
  • Racks and hooks for drying wet towels and clothes are essential. There are plenty of fun and funky styles.
  • Hampers to encourage kids to pick up after themselves and stay organized work wonders.
  • Step-stools installed in bottom drawers below the sink are a great way to give younger kids the ability reach the faucet without assistance!
  • A large, low tub that kids can get into and out of with ease. And plenty of tub space means plenty of room for bath toys!

First Floor Bathrooms for the Extended-Stay Guest

Functional, appealing, and easy to clean--consider what your guests will most need and appreciate while they stay with you for an extended period of time.

  • A spacious, curbless style of shower with a generous showerhead and wall bench is perfect for guests of all ages.Choose a curbless, walk-in shower option to allow for guests of all ages to enter and exit with ease.
  • Ample counter space is essential so guests can unpack their toiletry cases and truly feel at home! Shelving over the toilet is also perfect for storing accessories and cosmetic cases.
  • Cabinets with organizers make it easy for guests to arrange their accessories and stay tidy while visiting.
  • Heated ceramic floor tiles offer guests a cozy, inviting experience on those chilly days.
  • If you want to offer a more chic, “hotel-like” experience, offer a hairdryer (so guests won’t have to lug them along!), lotions, soaps, and shampoos, and even guest bathrobes and slippers!

Elite bathrooms are adaptable and spacious, allowing for plenty of features and unique additions, according to your individual needs. You have the freedom to create plenty of storage and counter space, and add special touches. Whatever your lifestyle--from busy families to people who host long-term visitors--you can make the most out of an Elite bathroom! 

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