Basement of Your Dreams!

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Whether you call it a bonus room, home gym, playroom, or wine cellar, finished basements are truly in demand these days. They can be both functional on a daily basis and unique to your personal style and tastes. And best of all, they can also add to the resale value of your home.

Create the unique basement of your dreams in your spacious Elite home!

Finished basements can run the gamut from functional to fantastic. Whether your goal is play time, exercise, or a lavish wine cellar, Elite homes offer spacious, versatile basement spaces.

High-End Home Gym

Working out doesn’t have to be drudgery, nor do you have to haul yourself to the gym every day. Instead, cancel your gym membership and work out closer to home--in your own luxurious basement gym!

  • Install your favorite workout equipment, such as treadmills, stationary bikes, and weight machines. Mirrored walls will help you maintain good form while lifting weights and practicing yoga poses.
  • A widescreen television is a must to entertain you and your workout partners during those long runs or stationary bike rides.
  • Create a warm and welcoming stretching and meditation space for low-key days or cool-downs with plenty of yoga mats, large pillows, and dimmable lighting.
  • A water cooler and “cleaning station” for keeping mats and machines germ-free are both perfect additions to your workout space.

Winsome Wine Cellar

Have you always wanted a special space to both store and display your beloved wine collection? Whether you’ve been an avid collector for years or are just getting started, creating a wine cellar in your finished basement is the perfect way to respect the wine.

  • Ensure that your basement has proper insulation from the get-go.
  • Install a wine-cooling unit to chill your bottles of white, champagne, and rose!
  • Choose the style of lighting that works for you. LED lighting emits virtually no heat, thus preserving your delicate bottles as they ripen with age.
  • Shelving is key, and there are many options when it comes to housing your wine. From built-in shelves to do-it-yourself kits, it all depends on what suits your taste and needs.
  • Roll-out bins give a vintage, European chateau feel while also conveniently protecting and storing your wine.

Dedicated Playspace for the Kids

If you are looking to increase the scope of your kids’ playroom, creating a fun-filled space in the basement is a great idea. You can keep their toys and games contained and they can spread out and have adventures!

  • Set up a pool table to keep the kids and their friends focused on fun, skill-based games that encourage healthy competition.  
  • A wide-screen television is a must for those movie marathons and weekend-long sleepovers!
  • A simple basement kitchenette or mini snack fridge is essential to keep them fueled for hours of fun.
  • Large, comfy sectional couches are perfect for when it’s finally time to relax and settle in for the night. They can even double as beds if kids forget their sleeping bags.

Impressive Home Theater

Sick of overpriced cinema prices or crowded sports-watching venues? Turn your basement into the perfect home theater, where you can be get comfortable and entertain your friends and family.

  • With a widescreen, 3-D television with superior surround-sound or digital projector and screen, you can watch those Sunday football games or get the whole family together for a holiday or weekend movie marathon.
  • Large, comfortable couches and reclining chairs will truly upgrade your movie or sports-watching experience and make your home theater the go-to place for gatherings.
  • Consider carpeting to keep the space warm and cozy and to help muffle excess noise. A thick Berber rug with padding is a great choice, as it’s also easy to maintain.
  • A kitchenette, complete with a fridge, cooktop and microwave, and island or generous countertop will make refueling for movie- and sports-filled afternoons and evenings a cinch.

Whether you’ve always wanted a playspace for the kids, an impressive wine cellar a convenient, upscale home gym, or a spacious home theater, Elite basements lend themselves perfectly to any set-up. With plenty of space for creativity, opportunities for beautiful finishes, high-quality construction, your ideal basement awaits!

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