...And the Kitchen Sink?

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The kitchen sink is quite an important focus in the modern-day kitchen. Whether you’re a dedicated chef, creative home cook, busy parent, or simply in need of a functional sink for doing dishes and other everyday chores, there many styles and materials for the kitchen sink.

A Large, Single Sink: A wide, deep single sink is ideal for daily dishes, cleaning veggies, and soaking larger pieces of cookware. You can also have a garbage disposal, which makes cleanup even faster and easier. You can also add a basket to the sink to make veggie prep a cinch.

Double Sink: Whether you choose an offset sizes double sink or 50/50 double sink, you can have one side dedicated to food prep and one side dedicated to washing dishes and cookware.  This option is pretty standard still, as many people really like having two basins. It’s also easier to keep things clean and sanitary when dealing with food and dirty dishes.

Triple Basin Sink: This style of sink allows you to have one side for prepping, one side for washing, and a garbage disposal in the middle. You can also have a cutting board insert for the middle to make cutting/prepping easier.

Farmhouse Sink: These sinks have become very desirable in recent years, for their attractively large, deep size and apron front. Choose from ceramic, porcelain, copper, cast iron, enameled steel, and more! The shorter stature of the farmhouse sink also makes it easier for the whole family to prep and wash.

Stainless Steel Sinks: Stainless steel sinks are functional, hold up well to use (scratches can be buffed out), and  fits well into just about any style of kitchen. You can also fit the bottom with a wire rack to help prevent signs of use.

Soapstone Sinks: Natural stone sinks, like soapstone, can blend right into your countertop and give a classic, aesthetically appealing look. The upkeep is a bit more time-consuming, but the natural appearance is often worth it to people who love that back to nature vibe.

Bamboo Sink: If looking for a really unique style of sink that is also made from sustainable material, consider a bamboo apron sink. Innovative solid bamboo is--amazingly!--stronger than  steel, and a wide/deep apron sink will give you plenty of space for prep and washing.

Some other features/things to consider:

  • If you need a second sink, consider having one installed in your island or peninsula.
  • You can even order custom-made sinks in unique shapes--anything from a shell to  a martin glass to a musical instrument!
  • Some sinks even come in funky colors, so get creative and express your personal style.

No matter what kind of kitchen you operate, there’s a sink to suit your needs and lifestyle. Not to mention, your Elite home’s aesthetic! Transition from a blah, dated sink to one that is both functional and attractive.

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