Get Cozy This Winter

Need a boost as we enter the colder months? Here are some ways to cozy up your Elite home!

  • Paint a bold accent wall in your main room, kitchen, and bedroom
  • Add some new light fixtures, either chandeliers
  • Create cozy “moments” in each room, with plush pillows and vibrant houseplants
  • Keep the glow going with soy candles in every room
  • Install towel-warmers in your master and guest bathrooms to keep things toasty
  • Invest in a gas fireplace to warm up your sitting room, library, or breakfast nook
  • Stock up on velvety soft blankets for the bedroom, living room, and basement movie-watching room
  • Add a new piece of super plush furniture, such as a cushy recliner, chaise, or loveseat
  • Invest in a slow-cooker and start cooking up your favorite cold-weather recipes, such as hearty soups and stews
  • Bring home some new, vibrant houseplants to remind you that spring will return eventually!

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